The Good, The Bad and The Mosby – #HIMYMFinale


Last Forever: The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Finale.

5 minutes in… hi-5. Wedding. Eh. Cool… Ted almost about to meet the mother. Then begins something that I can only describe as the end of a flashback which has a nested flashback of the rest of the flashback that makes you wish that you got the last 45 minutes of your life back, and stopped watching the series at the end of the previous episode.

They tried to replicate whatHIMYM FRIENDS did. And failed. Miserably.

Barney and Robin get hitched. Ted finally meets the mother, and they all live happily ever after. You’d think that right?? Wrong!

Barney and Robin get divorced. Robin becomes a successful news anchor. Barney becomes Barney again. Ted is happily married. Robin can’t take it and detaches herself from the group. She travels around the world as a successful news reporter. Barney gets a girl knocked up and says the same cheesy worldly lines to his new-born daughter that he used to pick up chicks. Why didn’t they just play play ‘Everything I Do’ by Bryan Adams as the background score?

Ted and the mother (Tracy McConnell!! Seriously??? That takes her cool quotient down to negative!!! I shall always refer to her as ‘the mother’ as a saving grace) get married after 7 years and hey! Guess who turned up at the bar for it?? Yep! Robin… and said the same ‘being there for the big moments’ line that Lily said earlier in that 45 minute hell ride. You’d think it’s a happy enough ending to settle for. But NO! The mother dies… And at long last, Ted finished telling the story to his kids (who finally get some airtime, BTW) and the actual twist comes now.

The mother died 6 years before he started telling them this story and he’s still in love with Robin, so he goes and asks her out below the same apartment she she lived in 16 years ago, with (yes, you guessed it) the Blue French horn.

Don’t kill yourself yet.

In the middle of all this, we see the Halloween party and Ted’s ballot costume, Barney saying ‘legen – wait for it – dary’ one last time, Robots vs. Wrestlers, Ted’s GNB tower on top of the Arcadian (duh), Marshall becoming a judge, emotional Lily, The Playbook part II, the story of the yellow Umbrella… And yes! How Ted finally met the mother under the yellow umbrella at the Farhampton railway platform. Followed by a string of cheesy, NOT funny, expansions of T.M. that were inscribed on the umbrella. They might as well have killed off the Pineapple story while they were at it!

No, this rant is because I’m sad to see HIMYM end. I was prepared for that. What I wasn’t prepared for was this. A failed attempt at doing something that FRIENDS did so well. It’s not because we’re seeing the end of a 9 season emotional roller-coaster, because FRIENDS tried to do the same thing at the end of 10 seasons and aced it. Everyone loved the way FRIENDS ended. This episode was pathetic. They killed the entire story-line in the last 5 minutes. Ruined every good memory I have of the show. Made it cheesy, stupid, cocky and tried so hard to do something completely unnecessary.

Sad that it’s over. But extremely let down that it ended this way.


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