Slap, Slap, Slap and the Rapist Who Made a Mistake


Ever wondered what’s wrong with our country??

India… The World’s largest democracy the perennial ‘potential’ global superpower? I’m sure you have. We all have… atleast once in the last few years. Everytime some incident happens- rape, terror attacks, communal riots, etc. we either curse some obvious targets and watch Arnab boss over his panelists on a thoroughly (un)biased debate on Times Now and/or go “iss desh ka kuch nahi hoga“.India

This past week, we got our answer.

Incident 1:

Yuvraj Singh scores 11 off 21 balls in a World T20 Final and is singularly charged for India’s defeat to Sri Lanka. The general public curses him and his family to hell, pelts stones at his house, accuses him of performing only in IPL coz he gets a bumper paycheck there and disgraced bald ex-cricketers call for his retirement on sub-standard news channels since, they have nothing better to do in life.

Incident 2:

Political revolutionary and Aam Aadmi Party chief, Arvind Kejriwal is slapped (yes, again) in public by a disappointed supporter and that slapper gets thrashed himself. Meanwhile, Kejriwal sends out a tweet urging non-violent conduct.

Incident 3:

SP Chief and former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mulayam Singh Yadav, shows that his Masters’ degree in political science is worth a hoot by coming out in defense of rapists… “Boys will be Boys. They Make mistakes. Why should we hang them?

(Yes, he used these words. He used these words.

Yes, he used these words. He used these words.)

Sorry, couldn’t resist the Arnab rap reference. 😛

And guess what. His punishment was to be subjected to the biggest cliches in the history of politically correct opposition in democratic India – condemnation, public outrage and the Women’s wing’s demand for an apology.

*slow clap* well done, India. Well friggin’ done.

  1. The man who single-handedly won us 2 World Cups, fought Cancer and earned his way back into the most competitive international cricket team in the world plays one bad innings and we go and damage his house. Some even went so far as to say that he should’ve died of cancer than come back and play such an innings. Pathetic. From a God to the Devil in 21 deliveries.
  2. The man who started a wave of political revolution in India; a man with a pure heart and clean intentions who is responsible for half the political awareness among young India today slapped and his face blackened in public because some random douchebag didn’t like something he did.
  3. But, the man who comes out and supports rapists as if they were 5 year olds who broke a toy only gets public outcry, condemnation and the prime airtime on the evening news. And ultimately, him and his son will be elected to run UP for the next 5 years because the multitude of senile people in that state will themselves vote him back to power, and the rest of the country will go back to work the next morning.

And there’s your answer. That’s what’s wrong with this country and that’s also exactly why iss desh ka kabhi kuch nahi hoga.

Educate the masses. Teach them sense and rationality. Then, a generation or 2 down the road, there could be hope for us.

Jai Hind!


10 thoughts on “Slap, Slap, Slap and the Rapist Who Made a Mistake

  1. Rakesh

    1) this is not 1st time cricketers home has be targeted, i think u r just born baby started reading news these days ,2) it was not AK or AAP”s ideology its an ANNA teams ideology which is stolen by u r AK. If u feel so sham I am read 2 give u 1 said ticket any country


    • Keep the ticket money and learn some English.

      I never said its the first time, and targeting cricketers frequently doesn’t make it right. I was just bringing into perspective 3 things that happened in the same week.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Rabia

      Grow up rakesh! and if you cant make any sense or even put together a sentence let alone have a sensible viewpoint…then shut up!


  2. AP

    Agreed. Rakesh, please learn proper English and try to understand the point that the author was trying to make, instead of latching onto a couple sentences and making infantile statements.

    Puns n roses – love your writing. Point well made with the three examples!


  3. just a common aam admi

    Let me ask u you think someone can play with our beliefs? If public Voted and sent someone to form the govt, is it right to play with their hope and come out of the govt just bcz he didn’t like something?

    Bdw I’m also against what M.S.Y. said and what some ppl said about Y. Singh.


    • Its not… But the Delhi house was doing all could to stall the Lokpal.

      All said and done, AK apologized for it this week. He realized that he should have fought on instead of quitting. But slapping him and blackening his face in public is the most pedestrian way to react to it. If people don’t like something they resort to personal attacks, violence, riots, etc. On the other hand we curse AK for holding peaceful dharnas to make himself heard while he fights for our rights.

      This post is not about what AK did. Its about how the public has their priorities all messed up. Thanks for your question. 🙂


  4. so you suggest before Kejri youths were not politically aware? LOL….You being masters of the floral,decorative words right away suggested one of your readers to go and learn “English ” , how easy was it? why didnt you understand what he meant to say? He said you have just hatched from the shell kinda boy! so is Kejri… he needs his critics to grow and learn, but all he does is to run away as soon as he sees the clouds getting heavier. In due time he would certainly learn to bear the rain, and when he does so … we will come to know and will request him to represent/ lead us. But is it important? Does Kejri winning the Topmost Job more important than the job he was doing *under* Anna, before being kicked out ? I derive my answers from these questions, and Rest my first point.
    Cricket is actually not even a sports! and look Sachin Tendulkar now has the most coveted National Trophy by not even playing a sports!!! This is India. we dont need an Mphil/MA/MBA degree to understand who deserves what. WE made Sachin what he is today, we made Yuvraj what he is today , we can take away what we have bestowed upon them any time they fail.
    Kejri may have done great things in the past. we made him the CM and now he is a big Looser on the political stage. why ??? because he couldn’t wait for 5 years for the next elections …. This is the power of AAM AADMEE when we would see him performing we will worship both Kejri and Yuvi. we love them for what they do and we hat them for the same.


    • The last thing I need to do is try to reason with someone who says “Cricket is actually not even a sports! and look Sachin Tendulkar now has the most coveted National Trophy by not even playing a sports!!!” and “WE made Sachin what he is today“. With logic like that, I’m sure those Ram Sene and BSP people will welcome you with open arms.

      Thanks for the effort, though. Next time, try to open your eyes to the broader point. 🙂


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