Of Kingslayers and War Songs – The Purple Wedding


Yes now the rains weep o’er his hall,

And not a soul to hear…

… well… except his mother, Cersei, who eventually had Tyrion arrested in a fit of rage.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from the last 2 Wedding episodes, it’s that if you hear The Rains of Castamere playing at a wedding, shit is going down! Big time! In the latest episode of the greatest show on TV, we saw King Joffrey poisoned to death by an unknown assassin.

Personally, it was a bigger shock to me than the Red Wedding. Like everyone else, it was a happy shock and not a horrific depressing experience like the beheading of Ned Stark or the dramatic demise of Rob and Catelyn. But, it must be pointed out such was the quality of direction of that scene that for the majority of the Game of Thrones watchers who do not read the books, it took a while for the shock to sink in before the celebrations began.

So now, I just want to record my list of suspects and discuss why or why not they may be the culprits… This is more for my reference coz we don’t know when we’ll get the real answer, but I hope it makes a good read nonetheless. Here it is:

Who? Why? Why Not?
Olenna Tyrell Olenna is one of the smartest women on the stage now (excluding Cersei, of-course). She knows from Sansa how horrible Joffrey is, and let’s face it, they’re among the richest Houses in the realm who paid half of the wedding expenses. She was also sitting within reach of the last cup from which Joffrey drank. Piece of cake (pie, rather :P). No clear motive. Her daughter and House would rule the realm with the marriage of Margaery and Joffrey. She could play a big role in calling the shots of ruling the land with Joffrey eager to impress Margaery. Doesn’t make sense for her to have done it.
Sansa Obvious Reasons. He’s tormented her since they were engaged to be married back in Season 1. Killing Ned Stark, the Red Wedding, ordering to serve up Rob’s head to dinner, the list is endless. I don’t think she has the mettle for it. Although extreme circumstances make people do crazy things, I doubt if she can do it. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it was her.
Oberyn Martell Its pretty clear that he’s come to King’s Landing for Revenge, and it looks like he means business. He’s known to be ruthless and sly, and he certainly did enjoy seeing Joffrey fall to his knees and succumb to a painful death. Even though he comes from money, he didn’t have too much control over the wedding to have bribed anyone to poison the cake or the wine. Then again, this is Westeros. Who knows?
Tyrion Lannister The obvious suspect, who gave Joffrey the cup of wine that killed him; He’s been constantly insulted by Joffrey for being an imp, with no support or acknowledgement from his father for saving the Battle of the Blackwater; And also, to avenge his wife. He’s a sensible character. He won’t poison the king himself and stand there watching. I included him here only coz he was caught and taken away. I’d be really surprised if it turns out to be him.

There is also the question of what actually killed him… The pie or the wine? Although, we see him choking on the wine, he’s the only person to have eaten the pie. And if it was the pie, then the Tyrells definitely had something to do with it. And then there’s the theory of the blue necklace Sansa got from Ser Dontos and how one of the seven diamonds went missing when Olenna spoke to Sansa at the wedding.

As logically thought out as this analysis is, one can never really predict what George R. R. Martin has concocted for this subplot. So, even if I do get one of my guesses right, it’ll be more out of luck than actual logic. Readers of the books tell me that it’s still not clear who did it. So, it’s a long way to go before we get the right answer. Can’t wait for the next episode!!!

Comments and Suggestions are Welcome. Spoilers are not! 😉


4 thoughts on “Of Kingslayers and War Songs – The Purple Wedding

  1. Don’t forget to factor in magic. Blood-filled Slug Magic! You know someone’ll try to take credit for what happened.

    Ser Davos: Your grace, the usurper Joffrey is dead!
    Stannis: What?
    Melisandre: YES! I did that! I TOTALLY did that!


      • You made the right call. Even my fictional dialog above implied I don’t think Missy had anything to do with it.

        Nice analysis on suspects. I’m hoping they don’t drag out the whodunnit. I’m not saying they’d do that.

        It’s not like there was an assassination attempt on a comatose Bran in Season One without us learning who gave the order. Hey!


        • Haha… True… But like I said. Some of the readers told me that even they don’t know for sure who did it. So it is a long time to go for sure.

          And Thanks for the feedback. 🙂


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