I Got Off The Plane


Wow… 10 Years since THAT Day… The Finale of arguably the greatest show on Television – FRIENDS!

It’s not even surprising when we watch the whole series over and over and laugh each and every time just as hard as we did the first time.

It was a perfect episode wasn’t it? Capturing most of the highlights of the series, showcasing the peculiarities of each character and tying up the loose ends with a perfect blend of emotions that left the everyone laughing and sobbing like children at the end.

  • Phoebe
    Marries Mike and presumably lives a wonderful life ahead, being the eccentric, blonde, happy-go-lucky character she is.
  • Monica
    Showcases her OCD a bit, breaks down the Foosball table.
  • Chandler and Joey
    Have a rare moment of emotion between them. A Goodbye that officially made ‘Bromance’ cool before the word even existed.
  • Ross and Rachel
    Finally made it. 🙂FRIENDS -- NBC Series -- Pictured: 'Friends' finale key art -- NBC Photo

The last line from Chandler was the epitome of his character. Making everyone laugh when they least expect it. An emotional Rachel suggests getting coffee one for last time, and he replies “Where?” Apart from that, we saw Gunther’s confession of his feelings for Rachel, the return of Phoebe’s cab, The Philangy, The Duck and Goose and one last sweeping shot of the house.

Yes, I just watched the episode again… and choked up a bit in the end.

This post is just a small Thank You to the whole cast and  crew of FRIENDS. David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry. Not to forget the creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman and the rest of the team.

For the emotional roller-coasters, incessant laughter, beautifully paced subplots, nothing overdone… In short – the best Television Series anyone of any age could wish for and relate to for 10 glorious seasons.



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