M-:o-ther’s Day


4 months of secret-keeping… A couple of insiders for backup… A difficult semester… and 22 hours of travel from the US to India culminating into a successful Mother’s Day surprise!

Although my flight got delayed by an hour and in strict adherence to Murphy’s Laws, my queue for immigration moved the slowest when I joined in AND my luggage took ages to arrive on the belts. Lesson Learnt: A wine induced in-flight power-nap really helps. I finally got a cab and headed off home on the familiar Mumbai roads and landed at the doorstep at roughly 7AM.

As it turns out, the delays didn’t make a difference. There was a party at home the night before and everyone had slept just a few hours ago. So my dad opened the door, stares at me for 2 seconds and says, “Are you crazy?” It was rather insulting. He could’ve shown some disbelief on seeing his son at the doorstep. C’mon, he thought I was halfway across the globe. I just laughed. Typical Dad reaction. He became more cheerful after a few minutes 🙂

My sister knew I was coming. Went to her room. She had half an eye open.


“Yeah, Hi. Lemme sleep now. Bye.”

Two for two. Actually Three for three.

Went to mom before that. Dad said he’d wake her up instead of my giving her a serious heart attack. So, I went in a few seconds after him.

“Look who turned up.”

*groggy eyes* “Who? (\-|) “

*I walk in*

It takes her a good part of 5 full seconds. But the \-| slowly turns into a :O and then into a 😀 with hands clapped to her cheeks.

Although she was up and moving about, she was in shock for almost 5 hours… Meanwhile, I get mom-made breakfast and watch her prepare my 2 favorite dishes for lunch while complaining about how hot it is in India in a typical ‘Indian returning from US’ style. Somewhere close to noon, she finally says, “So, I guess it really is you.”

Mission Accomplished. Happy Mother’s Day. 🙂


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