India Has Spoken. Your Move, Modi!


Yes, yes, we’ve all heard the news. A mandate nothing short of a landslide which sees the NDA Alliance sweep across the world’s largest democracy in the elections of 2014, with BJP themselves getting more than half the seats in the Indian House of Commons (Lok Sabha). Narendra Modi well on his way to becoming the next Prime Minister of India on the 21st of May.

So Mr. Narendra Modi…

Firstly, Congratulations to you and the BJP. Not a single exit poll analysis across the Indian Media could predict such a clean sweep. The Congress destroyed and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) brushed aside like a speck of dust.

Secondly, let me introduce myself. I’m not your biggest fan. I admire your leadership. But I am against the idea of a BJP majority government. As always, I made my opinion clear in public forums resulting in your national bandwagon of supporters calling me a variety of names. You make have heard some of them… like AAP-tard and a few chosen Hindi/English swear words. Some of them you may not have… Like desh-drohi (as if not supporting you and the BJP amounted to betraying the nation), Pakistani (coz, apparently, being Pakistani makes one the enemy of India)… and a few more cuss words.

As much as I like to think of myself as a neutral observer, I will admit that I am an AAP admirer. Kejriwal was a normal guy like me. Living the common man’s life, when he decided to drop everything and take on the most powerful, corrupt, unethical and immoral factions that ruled and ran our country. His message was simple: Honest, clean, people-centric governance. ImageHis inexperience cost him, but, I still believe that over the next few governments, he will save India, not you.

Although, as an Indian, I do hope that you do. You’ve been given 5 years and 340 seats of a House of 543.

Mr. Modi, you have been chosen to pull India back from its economic, social and democratic downturn in the last 5-10 years. The absence of a coalition doubles the responsibility and expectations that 800 million voters (not including me) have put in you. You have become a demigod… The Savior. Having said that, you also know that most of your Modi-bandwagon voters are just anti-Congress people who were introduced to the Modi wave at the right time. Remember… we are fickle.

This brings me to the reason I’m writing this post: You talked the talk in your obviously successful election campaign. It’s time for you to walk the walk.

Winning the elections is not your objective. Saving India is. Watch the news. Listen to what the people expect of you in the next 5 years. Development, education, progress, clean and good governance, political transparency, cap in inflation, healthcare, growth… the list goes on. You have made people believe in the ‘India Shining’ dream again. Its time for you to deliver.

Personally, I have never been appealed by the idea of you and your party ruling India. Here’s why:

  • I fear that your party’s medieval Hinduist ideologies will take the country backward with its divisive politics
  • I do not believe that the so-called Gujarat Model will work for India. Gujarat is a unified state of like-minded people. It’s easy to ban beef and alcohol in Gujarat. You can’t do that in Mumbai, or many other parts. We’re a secular country, not a Hindu country
  • Hell, I even believe that the Gujarat development hoopla, on which you have based your entire campaign, is a farce. Some Gujratis tell me that the development you’ve done is only in some pockets and not pan-state. That essentially puts you on level  playing field with any other party ruling any other state.
  • Your government will have the same crucial flaw that Dr. Manmohan Singh’s had in this last decade: a Corrupt Cabinet. You may be a dedicated and honest man, but so was MMS. The primary difference being that you’re more vocal than he is. His party and cabinet failed him. Cabinet ministers can still siphon off thousands of crores of Rupees right under your nose. That’s where your true test is.

Having said all this there’s no denying that you have the faith of the people. Not Hindus or Muslims. Not the rich or poor. No castes, no religion, no gender… The whole country has unequivocally put its faith in you. I only ask that you repay it, multiple fold. I’m may be an AAP-tard, but I’m an Indian before anything. I will be happy to concede that I judged you too soon if you can deliver even half of your promises. You will have proven me wrong about you; and India will grow and shine. We will truly rise from a 70-year old potential superpower to an actual global superpower in rightful standing.

Go on Modi. The country is in your hands, now. Set it right. Jai Hind!

34 thoughts on “India Has Spoken. Your Move, Modi!

  1. Pranjal Sharma

    Its like you just spoke my mind !!!! 🙂
    Nice way to moderately express a little biased view ( as I believe there are no unbiased views )…


  2. I’m an AAp-tard too, but the only reason I voted for AAP over Modi was for section 377. Modi’s been talking about clean energy, waste management and that is something we really need at this point. His Narmada canal solar project has me completely sold. Now, if only he takes a positive stand on LGBT rights, I couldn’t be happier 🙂


  3. rajkumaritankha

    this is too much..the article seems to have been sponsored by Kejriwal himself.
    why should he be given second chance. we dont want him.
    First Mr Kejriwal goes around abusing everyone, calling everyone but himself and his ‘friends’ corrupt, sides with people who take law into their hands, throw sops at people, behaves as though he doesn’t care about the CM’s chair, and then when he loses he come back pleading like a wimp.
    actually, he never thought he would become Delhi CM, but when he did become one, his greed grew. He thought in a similar way he could become the PM so eyeing that chair, he threw Delhi CMs chair and entered the fray.
    Now that he has lost he knows he has nothing he can fall back upon .
    He was the one who was shouting for a re-election in Delhi…
    Actually he has no principles, whatsoever, and he wants to be in power at any cost. hence this pleading now shamelessly….there is no philanthropy there, just selfish motives.
    i am amazed why people cannot see through his game….


  4. Bibhuti Mohanty

    Have you written a single line what you admire in Modi’s leadership?? I doubt you are a neutral observer, reflects your level of frustration on AAP’s defeat.


  5. Dude…you have written a fairly biased article…I, unlike you, respect both kejriwal and Narendra modi for many different and some common reasons..
    First of all, people who believe in a certain leader tend to defend their belief…this is common human nature…so cussing and made-up names were formed by both sides of the party!
    You yourself have mentioned in your post and I quote “Kejriwal was a normal guy like me.”. Don’t you think that it’s a bit unreasonable to sympathize with a presidential candidate for this particular reason? And I don’t see how its relevant if it’s Narendra Modi or kejriwal who end up “saving” this country. Don’t you think that it’s better to wish for India’s improvement rather than focusing on WHO improves it?
    Dude…you are clearly pissed of by the fact that modi has won this time..You are trying trying to moderately express your completely biased view…
    Why I respect kejriwal?
    1) His participation with anna hazare in the 2012 anti corruption movement and RTI
    2) His intelligent planning in calling out the desire for an honest government
    3) The different changes that he tried to bring out in his 49 day government in Delhi.
    4) His honest and down to earth approach.
    why I am bothered by him?
    He promised a lot but ended up resigning because of moral high ground which was devastating for most of the people who voted for him….Now why was this bad?
    1) Everything that he implemented which was important to us was now gone..
    2) He thought he could become PM without realizing the fact that there were so many parts of India where people did not even know about him.
    This was what led to his fall.
    Also, he made such a big political decision and tried to justify this on an emotional level….this is only possible if everyone in INDIA was watching and following up with his statement…THIS WAS NOT POSSIBLE…At the end of the day, people need hard facts!
    If he would have tried to prove his metal ( which he has ) for five years..then people might have started believing in him…Instead he made his all India campaign an anti-modi campaign.
    Now, we come to MODI,
    Modi has proved his metal for many years in GUJRAT..
    why do i respect him?
    1) He is honest and down to earth too…( take a look at his financial assets or his family’s assets…)
    2)He believes in change and in anti-corruption….the reason why gujrat has changed and prospered is because he developed amazing internet based open systems for allowing people to ask for investment in projects….
    3) He has a good sense of developing development strategies…
    I agree that his party is not as “pure” as AAP but if the past is any indication…a man like MODI will not let that come in his way…
    In conclusion I think that all of us have a right to believe and express our views…
    Although, If MODI is able to improve or as you say “save” our INDIA even up to 75% of what each and every party in INDIA has been promising then I dont think that AAP will have a good chance of coming into power again….That being said…I think Kejru should focus on Delhi right now…. 🙂


      • Where have I once offended you as an AAP-tard? you yourself admitted as being biased towards him.. :/ ..You are too much emotional towards kejriwal since you are hurt when obvious facts are stated against him….how can I possibly judge you? I don’t even know you 😛 …Still, I like your blog…its a good way to argue and learn.. 😀


  6. Amalesh

    If Modi resign from PM post after 49 days without any progressive work for the country and then pleading for another chance will you support him. Manmohon Ji was also an educated person, and every one respect him for his academic excellence. Still people of India do not support his party in this general election.

    Ak is not a film star, he is a politician now. Don’t be a “foolish fan” of AAP, be a real critic that can improve the strength of the party.

    AAP projecting AK as their symbol of advertising and publicity. It’s a tough job to protest against a crime/other mistakes. It’s more tougher to stop every crime and make the place clean.

    People has lose their faith ………AAP has played with the sentiment of Delhi people. and still playing with the same card …………. Be pragmatic and not a propagandist ……….


      • Amalesh

        You need an explanation …. really ?? I’m repeating “People has lose their faith” ….. You have to count it if you really bother the word “faith” of the people of this country ……. A group of people started “criticism” just like a foolish-TV show ……. Give him time, just like the Delhi people gave it to AK ….. If he fails, you will have enough time and space to talk about …… Actually LOOSER always talk much ……..


  7. Raj Kadolkar

    So much speaks for me.. If you could see, this very much reflects my first post on FB just after witnessing Modi’s win. Yes I am an AAP-tard but will be happy if Modi flourishes the Nation in real way and not just by marketing his words and voice. Lots of expectations.


  8. Dude!
    1.Firstly you said that Gujrati people I know say that the Gujrat model is a farce. I would like to bring it to your notice that 73/80 seats in U.P. was not won by shear Hinduism rather it was people of UP who are working in Gujrat who motivated their villages to come out and vote for Modi as he can give them more opportunities in their own state.
    2.Secondly, according to some reports, 1 out of 7 muslims voted for Modi. When even they can put aside the issues of Godhra(for which Supreme court gave the clean chit.), why can not you(even if you are a Muslim yourself)??

    This is your first article that I read and it reeks of pessimism. Rather than believing that next 5 years may turn out to be good for Indians, you are sitting in Chicago and commenting on something you don’t know the ground reality about.


  9. peterananda

    I like your thinking and cautious (very cautious) optimism. It’s always dangerous when people put their faith in a politician as a savior. Such political cycles always begin with unwarranted euphoria and end with disillusionment. Frankly, I’d like to see an Indian leader who has the guts to espouse cutting the Indian population growth rate to 0 or even negative. When I was growing up, I think the population of India was about 400 million, give or take a 100 million, and even then there was abject poverty and starvation. I’d like to see an Indian leader who thinks that saving the environment is even more important than so-called economic development. The saying goes that politics is the art of the possible. What India needs is someone willing to attempt the impossible, trusting that nothing is really impossible if you have faith.


  10. Darshan Pune

    Dude, this article seems completely biased, trying to earn soft corner for both AAP Supporters and MR. Arvind Kejariwal. Why is it so that,
    1. AAP and its followers are not at all ready to undergo any introspection for defeat and rather the only action they take it is to others?
    2. What Kejariwal has done during both Delhi and Loksabha elections is to ask questions to the system and to politicians. When it was his turn to find answers for the same questions, he resigned. Your leaders and party believes in hating others, you are getting back what you are giving away.

    The hate game and swearing is part of AAP culture and even you guys have invented swer words like “FEKUTRADS” and stuff. How can you blame it on others when your party supporters are also a very well part of it.

    APP was born as a result of anti-corruption movement lead by Anna Hazare after a series of scams during UPA2 Govt. was uncovered. On what ground did AAP started targeting BJP and especially Mr. Modi during Loksabha election? If anti-corruption was the agenda, then whey there wasn’t a single word spoken about these scams? That raises big questions about AAP’s intentions.

    Mr. Kejariwal had taken oath of his children that he won’t take support from either Congress or BJP to form government in Delhi, still he did take support. So many as a return of this favor he didn’t file any FIR against the ex-cm even after having 400 pages of proofs?

    The real problem lies with the attitude of AAP followers, like ..

    “I care about the country. Not what anyone thinks of my post or what I wrote in it.” as if only AAP & its supporters care for this nation and every one else is not giving it a damn !

    AAP and its supporters have fallen from sky with a clean attitude and rest everyone is corrupt. Candidates like Shazia Ilmi called a well respected retired army general Mr. V.K Singh “zulmi” and you people are Okay with it?

    Your leader doesn’t know what he is doing or what exactly he wants to do. He gave some promises during Delhi elections, but failed to fulfill them. He doesn’t have any vision where he will move and where he will take this country?

    “Congress BJP toh chhoti baat hai, hame desh ko bachana hai !!” .. but how?

    AAP was a ray of hope when it took over the Delhi government. Millions of people like me had become fan of Mr. Kejariwal, but he has failed to fulfill our expectations.

    In the end I would like to say only one thing, the nation has already made a choice after coming out and participating in choosing its leader. The highest ever voting percentage only shows that it is the success of the democratic processes. Its up to you whether to accept the change and co-operate in building nation or simply keep doing dramas.

    This country needs a visionary leader and nation builders, not anarchists !!!


  11. Rohit Sharma

    There are some good points in your article and some not so good, the one I strongly disagree with is associating BJP to playing divisive politics, it’s high time people stop calling BJP communal. Which party exactly is secular according to you, Congress, BSP, Samajwadi, Trinamul ?
    Yes I agree BJP had a history, but it’s history. Current BJP is more secular then any other party.
    BJP never asks Hindus or Muslims to not vote for any other party based on religion, but most of the so called secular parties will always ask minority communities to not vote for BJP , isn’t that divisive politics?
    All so called secular thugs will join hands to keep BJP at bay.
    People of India have risen above these divisive politics and voted for Development that’s associated with #NaMo and BJP


  12. Rohit Sharma

    There are certain good points in your Article and some I don’t agree with. The crucial point that I strongly disagree with is, you, just like many other so called secularists terming BJP as communal, why else would you fear.

    Which party you think is more Secular then BJP? Is it the Congress , or the BSP or the Samajwadi or is it the Trinumal?

    BJP did not appeal for votes based on caste or religion in this election. BJP never asked Hindus or Muslims to not vote for a particular party just because they belonged to a particular Religion. However, rest of the parties mentioned above and many other so called secularists always influence minority communities to not vote for BJP just because they belong to a particular religion.
    So who exactly is playing the divisive politics here?

    All the so called Secular thugs will join hands just to keep BJP at bay. What have they done for minority community that they claim to be their messiah. These are the parties which have most exploited them. Latest example being RJD ready to give support to JD(U) on secular ground. Isn’t this a vote bank politics?

    Yes I Agree that BJP had a communal history, but its history.

    Didn’t congress had a communal history, do not want to get into details but just google out the number of riots that have taken place under Congress rule, but they till date remain secular and so do all other parties but BJP.

    BJP has moved on and so should you and all these so called secularists.

    NaMo and BJP fought this election on one issue, and that was development. The people of India have risen above the religion and caste based politics to vote for Development.

    Just like NaMo served his 5 crore Gujratis, I am confident that he will now serve his 130 crore Indians and that’s how he always chooses to address them.


  13. Dear Puns n Roses
    You seriously sound like an AAPtard…… I mean so many shallow statements in one write up.
    Kejriwal was a normal guy well wasn’t Modi as well, in fact he was even less privelleged then Kejri. I feel you are completely ignorant for people not from the elite groups /upper crest (education/social structure).
    Your demi god (kejri) is an escapist and you are still singing his chores… I mean statement like “ he (Kejri) will save India, not you(Modi).”, for someone who could not stand and fulfill his promise to Delhi for a month or for that say save his commitments.
    Advise you and your demi god go and learn basics of governance, politics and social development first before preaching a Master of performance linked politics, crusader of coalition jeopardizing politics and dynastism, Narendra Modi. Mere dramas do not help to deliver.
    The escapist Kejri is a mere drama queen, farce and opportunist. Even Anna Hazare has honoured him with title like “power hungry”. It was a wake up call for such disillusioned people.


  14. Beyond the obvious, I certainly disagree with a lot of things you said. Being a pro-Modi, and pro-BJP citizen, it’s very easy to have an assumption fuelled by confirmatory bias. Nevertheless, I’ll probably try reasoning myself on the points you made :
    1. Your so called medieval hindu ideology is nothing but Hindutva. Look it up. It’s a term legally used to encompass people belonging to the Hindu value-system and cultural history. Which in no way tries to demean other religions (in fact, it includes every person of every religion who share a history of Indian heritage, which other religions don’t really do). Nor does it promote hinduism as a religion itself. Try looking at it from a perspective that talks about inclusive growth rather than judging it on religious intentions.
    2. Firstly, nobody knows what the Gujarat model EXACTLY is. But to be sure, it’s definitely doesn’t mean making India into Gujarat or whatsoever. So this assumption of banning beef and alcohol in the country doesn’t make sense. To keep a rational outlook, the Gujarat model simply refers to policy implementations and the administrative approach used by Modi – which could be replicated at the central level. Gujarat is not a Hindu state. The ban on alcohol has been there since about 1960′s – way before Modi came into the picture. I would appreciate it if you could do some research before assuming anything. And it’s not just Gujarat, a few other states also have this law in place. I’m in no way supporting the ban on alcohol and beef (can’t live without them), but all I’m saying is don’t judge the man on assumptions.
    3. I don’t know why AAPtards start jizzing all over when they find someone complaining about Gujarat’s problems? What did you think Gujarat was being claimed as? As an established CM, it was his right to promote his achievements. Having said that, he has never claimed it to be a state without problems or shied away from the fact that he may have faltered at times. Hell, no state or country will have people not complaining about the problems they face. So I don’t see this as a valid point.
    4. I partly agree here. Cabinet with corrupt ministers. But comparing it to the cabinet during UPA-2 is illogical. Manmohan Singh was practically not even the leader. So it doesn’t make sense to say he couldn’t do anything with his corrupt cabinet. He wouldn’t have been able to do anything even if his cabinet ministers were not corrupt. So comparing Modi to Manmohan Singh is pointless.
    I respect your political inclination towards AAP, but I hold no regard for that party. Even though Kejriwal is an honest man with good intentions he has miserably failed at proving to be an administrative leader. Maybe they can turn out to be a good party in the next 10-15 years. We can talk about AAP some other time. But today, the only hope we have is BJP. And it’s got fairly good people – starting with Modi.


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