Come India, Let’s All Hate Arvind Kejriwal


Funny country, ours is. We love to hate. We are so fed up of our own miserable problems and pathetic administration that we just need a media-created effigy to direct our hatred and burn. Beyond logic. Beyond rationale. Beyond the levels of tolerance and sophistication that one can expect from a country that boasts itself as the world’s largest democracy.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal humbled in the recent national elections. Just four members from his party got into parliament and Kejriwal himself lost by a mammoth 337,000 votes at Varanasi to the next PM of India, Narendra Modi. Honestly speaking, it was a stupid move by AK to challenge Modi at Varanasi. He could’ve contested from his home constituency, won his seat in parliament and actually made a difference from inside over the next 5 years. Isn’t that why he split from Anna Hazare in the first place??

The hate for AK started earlier this year when he resigned as CM of Delhi within 49 days of being voted the majority government. Yes, he betrayed the trusArvind-Kejriwal-2014-Picturest of Delhi, and the whole country, the eyes of which were constantly upon him. The disappointment turned to hate and we coined terms like Farjiwal, Fekriwal, Bhagoda and some of our trademarked Hindi swear words which never cease to evolve every-time they’re mentioned. In more ways than not, justified.

All he asked for this week was forgiveness and another chance. He apologized to the people of Delhi, and India. He conceded his mistake and inexperience. Gave his reasoning, and came out pleading for a chance to make things right.

And what do we do?? We lambaste him on social media, accusing him of dramatics, calling him all sorts of things, talking about flogging him publicly and what not! Not to mention his supporters being called AAP-tards and baboons (which, thankfully, is not racist in India).

Nobody wanted to touch AK before the elections. He came out and blasted the most influential people in India for corruption and money laundering, and nobody had the balls to do anything more than denying and reverse accusing him on the news. But now that BJP has swept off the elections, Nitin Gadkari comes along and files a defamation suit. Amazing things power does to people. [Correction: The case was filed a few months ago. Yet, of all the crimes people can commit, we see sense in filing a case for calling someone ‘corrupt’.]

Kejriwal, sent to judicial custody, refused to pay the bail/bond amount of Rs. 10,000 and said that he’d defend himself in court. Why do we accuse him of being above the law? Any defendant has the right to not pay the bail money. It’s an option, not a law. And he said he’d defend his stand in his court hearing. He’s not answerable to the pedestrian unappreciative masses on social media. Wake up and see sense, people. Hating him won’t get you anything.

Back in 2011, he went to jail for similar charges. Back then, he was just an activist, not a political leader. It was easy to pick on him. He didn’t pay the bail even then. He was seen as a hero back then. Why wasn’t that perceived as above the law? Our very own national hero, Mahatma Gandhi, was sent to jail by the British. He was offered bail for as little as 1 Rupee, but, he still declined.

We reelect criminals to parliament. People with blatant corruption charges, people who have more black money than most people earn legitimately their whole life, rapists, uneducated, worthless ministers. Everyone is forgiven and voted back to parliament.

Why not Arvind Kejriwal? A clean record, a degree from India’s premiere technology institute and so many more qualifications that could bring the more than half of the current parliament to shame… and most of all, clean intentions a good heart.

I don’t expect this article to be received well by most of you. I’m probably just another AAP-tard baboon on your timelines. Your hate for Congress and AAP has blinded you too much to read or hear anything against anyone remotely related to BJP, let alone trying to look at it objectively.

But, to those who see sense like me, I hope you’re in Delhi. Give him another chance. He’s a good man.

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  1. Wow!!! I find the writer of the above note stays at Chicago so quite evidently DO NOT have any clue what the ground reality is here in India. I doubt if he is also one of the many Investor (monetarily) who is screaming hard to protect any part of the Investment.

    Now coming to Mr Kejriwal’s Record of Honesty – yes, there were many people involved with IAC (lead by Anna) (even I was also one of them). People were desperate and lookinbg for alternative and Mr Kejriwal took that opportunity to gain political score. In the IAC team there were people like Kiran Bedi and V.K Singh (do not take it politically), both of them have an unmatched record professionally to call themselves an Honest Public Servant till the last day of their service. What Record does Mr Kejriwal has???? Can u imagine an IRS officer (both husband & wife) does not get transferred for 5 years of service. If he is really an honest officer is that possible???

    So do not try to teach us when you are not there on the ground. Come this assembly election… ALL AAPtards will find thr true place.


    • Transfer is not the measure of honesty my friend. Infact, it amounts to stereotyping. So instead of getting personal with people expressing their opinions, it would be really constructive if you can prove those allegations otherwise or give your own opinion of disagreement. Does it really matter where the person is as long as he brings out his concerns that are more or less endorsed by 2% of the Indian population. AAPtards are people like you and me – they are not the enemy. The real enemy now are a myriad of factors such as paid media, poverty, disease and illiteracy. Please direct your hatred towards them and I am sure all AAPtards will follow you.


    • Vivek G

      This is hilarious !! A person is challenged for his honesty just because he was not transferred. This is what a bully does. Pick on the people who are innocent. If he had few cases against him and if he joined BJP or Congress I am sure you and your kind would have loved him.


    • shubham

      Just one counter question ->..What about UDIT RAJ?? He is MP of BJP from Mangolpuri.He was a senior of Arvind Kejriwal.He was also not transferred for 12 years..Moreover for 3 years he was seen ridiculing BJP for its anti Lower caste(against SC-ST and backward) policies.Counter Attacks were made by BJP as well on Udit Raj by BJP as well.But as soon as Elections were announced he joined BJP and BJP like all saints do became a GANGA for him..
      BUT MAJOR POINT HERE IS …Udit Raj was never transferred for 12 years .By your logic its Something HORRIBLE


    • Rajendrasinh

      1) Prefect….! now ask yourself about Kiran Bedi & V K Singh. ? They are now hero for you. Infact both of them used IAC platform to Join BJP. AK still stand to his principle. 2) as far as His service is concerned. He has sacrifice his long tenure of service for Nation. While Bedi , Singh, & Anna completed whole tenure of their service and than Join the movement. 3) Dont blame Writer where he belongs to.? whether chicago or India. its like you ask CA to go to office to check the balance sheet ? we are in 21st century he can easily classified with mode of information. he dont need to come to ground for reality check. 4) Dont tell people that you are part of IAC movememt. If you really part of that movement. I hope you have no better alternative than AK in India. Finally i can conclude as per your write up is you are unable to understand the AK though you are in Delhi. Jai Hind…..


    • krishna

      Gandhiji was an issue to the British. Why didn’t a stray British bullet end him too like the other poor Indians, when he started all the protests? Was he on their side as well according to your tiny brain’s ‘why no transfer in IRS’ logic? Stop digging nonexistent dirt when we are all about to drown in an ocean of corrupt dirty politics. And come out of the dark!


    • vikrant kumar

      in your comment u did not give any point to prove the honesty of kejeriwal. how can u say that he did not transfer.
      You are talking about IAC, kiran bedi, v k singh who joined B J P. that is no problem while in his statement every time he said he will not go into politics. why he enter.????
      now you will argue that the same word used by kejeriwal but he formed political party, but there are difference between kejerwal and v k singh. kerjeriwal formed political party becoz govt. was not passing JANLOKPAL BILL. but when lokpal bill passed at that time he was with ANNA. and left him and join BJP.


    • lucky ss

      I think the people u mentioned above one of them is alredy MP and other one is aspiring to become CM of delhi hats off to your sense of analysing people


  2. Mayaa

    My message to Arvind Kejriwal : Why are you fighting for a common man.He doesn’t need you. Why do you want to change the politics and system of this country? People don’t want it. Why do you talk about anti corruption law? People are in habit of getting their workdone by paying bribe. Why do you talk about Swaraj? People get their work done through approach. People love to be represented by corrupt and criminals.They love to see good advertisements and false propaganda. Why did you decide to serve the people? They slap you. Why did you raise your voice against scams? Why did you sit on Dharna for the safety of Delhi women? People never asked for it. Dear AK do not waste your energy and time. Look for a nice job and care about your family.People abuse educated people like you (an IITian, Magsaysay award winner, social worker, RTI activist). People deserve to be ruled by corruptand criminals. Aisa hi chalta aaya hai aur chalta rahega.


    • nimesh

      U r rite Mayaa….u made sense in this post..m wid u… ppl f india are born to blown by d wind… b it any. U may ny eg…today if thy r happy wid one cricketer’s innings , thy welcome him wid flowers and dance…the next day when he scores 0…thy throw stones on the house f the same man… 2 yrs back all wr on road to support anti corruption wave untill few months back when modi wave began to start. Thn all swept by that…. so thats been the history of india….


    • Shilpa

      100% right ! What people don’t realize is that India and Indians deserve the Govt they get. There is so much corruption because Indians want it. Yes, they do. That is why a clean man with good intentions and with the agenda of removing corruption which is the bane of all our other problems is mocked at and derided while hardly anything is said about other seasoned corrupt politicos who have looted this country for decades and will continue to do so.
      I remember what Kejri said in one of his interviews about typical govts run by politicos….the commonly accepted practice of ‘hum bhi khaayen, aap bhi khao, subko khilao’ ….the ‘let’s all happily loot the country together’ philosophy where the people who matter (rich and the powerful) are happy, so what if the poor become poorer .and the common man suffers.


  3. Midas

    Capt. Gopinath knows what is wrong with his party:
    One has to take responsibility and not indulge in shoot and scoot politics, denigrating people’s reputation, however tempting the chance to capture media attention and public sympathy as a crusader against corruption.


    • S Singh

      Anyone can “join” AAP. That’s what Capt. Gopinath did. He was not involved with any party matters. He got his 15 minutes of fame by blaming AAP on media without being involved at all. He quit by announcing to the media. His words carry no weight. He was an opportunist who didn’t get what he wanted.


      • How do you know Gopinath was an opportunist? Do you know that Gopinath asked for something that he did not get? Neither Gopinath nor any AAP core member has made any statement regarding this and unless you know internally through sources very close to either Gopinath or the AAP PAC, your conclusion that Gopinath is an opportunist is essentially an imagination. Secondly, respond to the content of what Gopinath has said rather than personally attacking him!! Responding to criticism with personal abuse is one of the major diseases that AAP and AAP supporters suffer from and this is in fact, a major reason for them to become a subject of ridicule and being written off by people. The remaining miniscule number of AAP supporters are still adamant not to learn lessons and continue their old ways.


  4. Kamal Kumar Khurana

    Whatever happened in Delhi, I am still not able to make up my mind against Mr. Arvind. I am not convinced with Mr. Arvind’s decision to resign. I still feel he doesn’t need to react or respond on every question or so called issue by media to gain TRPs for any prime time show. Although I am not against media or their questions but I want Mr. Arvind to handle them in mature way. I think there is no harm for him in even learning from Mr. Modi when he handled the same media on questions about his plans for coming days, after his victory, in regard to the promises he made during election campaign.

    I still want to give him a chance to make some change. I still want to give him a chance to work on the idea of accountability towards public, which he has always talked about. I still want him to work on the model of governance “Swaraj”, which we Indian should get now. I still want him to work on the idea of clean politics where criminals should not get chance to rule this nation.

    When Arvind spoke regarding 26 January parade, people got offended. But, tell me why do we celebrate this occasion. Do we really care for our soldiers ? If yes, then why submarines getting submerged ? It could be just an accident, but why my nation was not having the machinery to pull the submerged submarine out of water ? Why a brother was saying about his Stephanian brother “My brother doesn’t deserved to die in such accident”. in fact no one. This guy left one of the most prestigious college to join Indian Navy.

    I went through the comments posted here and I could feel the anger against Mr. Arvind. I don’t want people to vote for Arvind. I want people to think who is good for our nation and put effort from our side as well to make this country success. We all should think, why even after so many years of independence, youth from prestigious colleges just struggle to meet the ends for their lives. And I am not an exception to it. When I see foreign companies building their profits on some idea which is a brain child of an Indian, I feel sad on the question why not an Indian company was there. Why we still buy cameras from Sony, Cannon, Nikon but not any Indian company ? Do we have any as yet ? Don’t we have the knowledge tycoons in the area of optics in our IITs ? Then why ?

    In my opinion, Mr. Arvind, you shoud not put your time in convincing people about your mistake but as a party you all should work together in Punjab where you won four seats. Through your actions there you should show once again to this nation that you are not wrong person, which I strongly believe, but some steps taken by you or party didn’t go well.


  5. Shweta

    Couldn’t have agreed more.. I am probably also an AAP-tard who has lost the patience and energy of telling people to think rationally .


  6. Chandan

    Hate is a very strong word and I personally feel that Mr AK didn’t do anything to be ‘Hated’. Mr AK made a lot of decisions which he himself admitted were not right at the moment. He asks for forgiveness. We should forgive him. We trusted him and respected him before but now we can only forgive him but expecting to forgive him and also trust-respect him as we did earlier is asking for too much now. I believe its completely rational for anyone to not be able to trust AAP with its immature antics spilling out immaturity in every direction at every instance.
    I agree that cleansing of Indian system is a very tough job. I am also sure that average people like me wont be able to do it. Therefore I hope to choose to elect a Smart political party with Smart leaders who are aware of the evils and intelligent enough to prioritize things and take improvement steps.
    Honestly I do not see that In AAP. and whats the question of another chance ?? Its not that somebody’s capital punishment that we ask for another chance.
    You can forgive a soldier who did a mistake in battleground but will you send him to battleground again ?


    • Azeem

      Chandan, forgiveness for a soldier who made a mistake on the battleground? You do it every day of your life. The majority of the Indians did it in these Lok sabha elections.

      Why else did we vote for 34% criminals in the BJP or the 83% criminals in the Shiv Sena or Gadkari who was called corrupt by BJP and RSS and not allowed to campaign in 2013?

      YOU forgive criminals everyday.

      Mahatma Gandhi ji didn’t furnish a 1 rupee bail bond to the British because he was right. Kejriwal had proof but the judge didn’t listen.


  7. Its like whatever you do you will be put into spotlight for everything, rather will be blamed either ways. There are too many detractors who are looking out to pull u down, demean you to the extent that you could never gather the spirit to rise again.
    And If AK wouldn’t have resigned then these same set of people would have alleged that he and his party members were a bunch of power hungry people who were nothing more than mere opportunists while when he did then he was being blasted at, labeling him as a ‘Bhagoda’, who gave lofty promises.


    • He resigned out of power hunger – He imagined that with hundred seats and a fractured mandate, he could garner the support of third-front and become the PM. This is why he resigned. That it backfired on him is a different story.
      AK has drawn loose, unnecessary flak, I agree. But please don’t loose sight of genuine criticism that he has drawn from serious citizens interested in welfare of the country. AK has hurled loose accusations at other without proofs and those who were at the receiving end try to give it back and pull him down at every opportunity and an AAP sympathizer may find it unacceptable. But there are other well-judged criticism that AAP / AK should be sensitive to instead of dubbing every critic as a paid agent of somebody else.


  8. reena

    One of the Best articles…..i know there are many ppl who support BJP…i have never got staisfactory answers from them….why they support BJP…..i guess they are comfortable with the reality that 112 criminals have entered pariliament riding on modi’s wave of development….why cannot BJP give details of funding……why RTI activists are killed in Gujrat n many other states where BJP has formed the govt……if u don’t like AAP…then go for NOTA….but not for BJP or congress…..I am big fan of AK and AAP , i know they have committed many mistakes but those mistakes are very small compared to big scams, scandals, muders and Kidnapping etc…..If u hate AAP n AK bcoz they are standing against bjp ….then wake up India….start doing analysis , research n phd on BJP candidates n party…..BJP was in deep slumber… was not even doing the role of opposition….no where existed….its only AAP which is making politicals and parties accountable for their actions 🙂


  9. karthik sivashankar

    While I would not go to the extent of hating mr.kejriwal ; I would definitely like to add some points though and these are just my opinions.
    To survive in indian politics or rather come to power in indian politics a person simply being honest or educated or clean in his previous job or even whole life is just not enough .
    While all these traits if it is present in someone in power we can all consider ourselves very lucky.
    Now this guy came to power once and supposedly had all these above mentioned traits. Unfortunately he did not have the sheer will or rather the tenacity to stay in power and that is the reason for the angst; it is because he threw it away .
    Why he did that does not really matter ! A leader when he “quits” even if he had to do it for reasons beyond his control loses his sheen and the respect of his followers and his followers who still have that respect for him can only hope that their breed grows.


    • Azeem

      Wrong. What you perceive as strength of perseverance is a well funded organization hungry for power. An organization like BJP that has paid APCO since 2007 to improve Modi’s image for the assembly elections in Gujrat.

      Your views are manipulated by what the idiot box tells you. If it told you that Kejriwal quit on principle or didn’t give bail bond coz that’s what Gandhi ji did, you would have believed that.

      If you want to know any truth, make two columns in a book and write down FOR and AGAINST arguments and THEN evaluate.


      • Nishant Jain

        Mahatma Gandhi was asked for 100 Rs as the bail bond not re 1..

        And these idiot boxes are the same boxes which have made Kejriwal a Kejriwal else no one would have known him..
        What wonders me is that there are many activists turned politicians but media gave no attention to anyone then why only Kejriwal. .
        For that instance, why only very few people outside Andhra Pradesh know about Jai Prakash of Lok Satta Party..
        I am telling you why.. because he is the most senseful person in AP politics and he was the person talking the most sense during AP – TELANGANA bifurcation. . He was also welcomed with eggs and shoes by public everywhere.. but media haven’t gave much hype to it because there was no masala and TRP in it..
        Then the question is why kejriwal..
        Believe it or not.. He also has manipulated and paid media with the money from Ford foundation and presented himself as the drama queen and associating himself with the most controversial figures of nation which gave media a lot of masala..

        Talking about criminals, I would rather forgive the one minor who did brutal acts with Nirbhaya but not Neena Nayak (contested from south Bangalore on AAP ticket) who defended him shamelessly on media paving the way for other minors to become rapists..
        I would rather forgive the convicts in corruption cases but cannot vote for the party calling and giving tickets to naxalite as Sabasachi Panda who was having 5 Lakhs reward on his head.. try to go and see the dead bodies of villagers killed by naxalites with naked eyes.. Why We should vote for a party ready to surrender Kashmir and playing with the integrity of India..

        And finally, be an AAPIAN as what Nagaraju G commented.. If you say that the judge was not ready to listen you are proving yourself an AAPTARD.. Kejriwal has not presented himself to court for 3 months and judge excused him as he was busy with elections.. Judge was patient and flexible.. But then when he appeared he was not having any document or prima evidence supporting his allegations.. kind of playing a mockery on the judiciary system..

        What has happened to him is justice and I completely support it and in favor of keeping him in jail until he present with facts of his allegations..
        We are suffering from too much of democracy and freedom of speech.. it has to be checked and put some controls and bring it to balance…


      • Nishant Jain

        World has seen who was more hungry for more power and resigned as a CM of Delhi to target Loksabha elections and hog more limelight and attention..
        Left the Delhites in vain who trusted him..
        Now, again elections and more taxes on Delhites are on the way as whatever government comes in Delhi has to recover the deficit raised from the heroic act of AK of giving 700 litre water free and 50% subsidy on electricity and leaving Delhi with no people’s representatives in state assembly..
        Ohh.. was this the swaraj he use to talk about.. A state with no people’s representation.. lol..
        No one could disagree on this that he made a joke of himself..


  10. He is a good man…I hope so fact I desperately hope so..but one cannot help but feel that he is behaving like a typical politician..I have supported his moves thus far, been indulgent of his mistakes of resignation and taking on Modi but his latest move is irritating.Accusing powerful people of corruption comes with a risk, namely a defamation suit.Now most politicians don’t file one as it can open a pandoras box and subject them to cross examination in a court of law.They usually hurl some sort of insult back and wait for the media to forget.Now Gadhkari has done the brave thing of taking him to court.If he had taken on a lowly blogger or Facebook user to court it would have been bullying but he is taking on a stalwart like Kejriwal this time.So it come with risk. Kejriwals reaction of not furnishing a simple bail bond is out of proportion and is his first move that I have no hesitation in calling gimmickry.How I wish he was in parliament and not in Tihar swatting mosquitoes.A sad case of political overreach as Kiran Bedi prepares to become CM of Delhi!


  11. Jerry Joseph

    The basic aim of criminal procedure is to ensure the attendance of accused. In this case, when Kejriwal made a solemn promise to appear whenever the court takes up the case, there wasn’t any need to ask Kejriwal to deposit a bail amount. Kejriwal has truly made himself a representative of the common man by refusing to pay Rs. 10,000. This case itself came because BJP pushed this case through influential advocates. There were lots of corruption charges against Nitin Gadkari even before Kejriwal took up the matter. Kejriwal is quite right in pointing out that he is not a criminal and this is a political campaign against corruption. He is not running away from the case. How a popular figure like Kejriwal can abscond from the eyes of the law enforcing authorities? Even the question of absconding never comes here. Our politicians and criminals usually deposit millions and crores to secure a bail. How many usual prisoners and common people can deposit millions and crores to secure a bail? So as true representative of the common man, Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party should use this opportunity to start a nationwide campaign for the rights of the prisoners and the common people. Justice for all should become slogan and campaign issue for AAP just the way they raised electricity, water and LPG cylinder issues. After all, our law mostly favors the rich and the influential only.


    • Nishant Jain

      I strongly believe you know nothing about law.. nothing bad in it.. many people don’t know it..

      And your argument here is beyond my capability to understand.. Why you are talking about millions and billions.. it is just 10000 rs..
      Court didn’t ask a person from slum to furnish a bail bond of even 10000 rs.. and for your knowledge.. furnishing a bail bond of certain amount don’t mean to pay it.. It’s just that in case of person if not appearing in court then he has to pay that much amount.. you only need to sign the bond as a guarantee that you will appear in court whenever asked and would leave the city or country only with the permission of court..

      Do you know how much subsidy we are getting on electricity, water and LPG already…. I bet you don’t..
      There is a loss of average 262 crores everyday to the government only on oil..

      Aravind Kejriwal was in Hyderabad and my friend asked him on what is his stand on TAPI gas pipeline and Iran crude oil pipeline to India and his vision on India’s energy security policies.. and the IITian was clueless and started talking about swaraj and 50% subsidy on electricity..
      My friend asked him that the subsidy can be provided only when the underlying is available.. If they is no oil and gas, no electricity then you will not be even able to provide it for free.. forget about subsidy… again he started talking about Ambani and Adani and crony capitalism.. but no vision on India’s dire needs in future..
      And finally we surrendered..

      But not to our surprise, everyone else was clapping and praising him for his senseless use of speech..


  12. To be fairly objective. This article is, itself an Opinionated one, focusing on Critics of Kejriwal by a Kejriwal Fan.

    The columnist goes wrong in two places.

    One. The noise in the media is not about kejriwal denying to pay bail. It is about the chaos being created by AAP supporters post the arrest. He chose to get arrested. Then why the Dharna?

    Two. Like all Kejriwal Fans, he has made the mistake of linking his degrees and qualifications with his Intents.

    The public is not angry with Kejriwal coz he left Delhi Government. They are angry because he left it in a rather baseless manner with not much ground to cover his outrageous ambitions to be PM.
    And then once he has lost the Generals, He has very conveniently decided to turn back to Delhi.

    It seems, Delhi Govt. is AK’s Extra-Marital Affair.

    Also, the author says that If we can forgive others for heinous crimes. Y not forgive him? Because, he claimed to be different. If he ain’t no different, we don’t need no more shit in Parliament. We already have our share of Pot Heads. Next, these Pot Heads will learn the dramatic skills of AK. “DEATHLY COMBO” for India Inc.


  13. ritvik

    Very well written punsnroses. Agree to lot of points that you have highlighted and as an Ex-AAP lover I couldn’t support your thoughts more. However there are crucial aspects that have been left/missed out in your piece.

    Everything said and done, a party/individual should stick to their ideologies. The ideology said ‘for the people by the people’ – pretty similar to the Delhi police of ours. When you decide that you work with the people and give them the power to decide, why Dont you ask them before you resign? We the people resposed faith in you elected you to fight for us but in return we get someone who behaves and decides as and when he pleases. I still Dont call him a quitter, a runner, a Bhagoda or other names that people would probably ascribe to him but I still hold a grievance against him. Deeply disappointed, deeply hurt and deeply regretful of losing my vote – my power.

    I Dont doubt an ounce about his intentions, credibility of his record or his stature. I still believe he is one of the most intellectual persons in the political fray but truth be told, great thinkers and great visionaries Dont always make great leaders. And this seems to be the case with Mr. Kejriwal. I seriously doubt he has achieved the political maturity that is required to lead a nation. I am no expert on that but I still believe that it is much more than holding dharnas, lashing out at corrupt individuals and giving speeches.

    As a chief minister he had immense power to change things that would have benefitted millions. You don’t always have to be ruling the country to make a change which Mr Kejriwal professed. Hence I conclude that arvind Kejriwal has miles to go before he regains the confidence of people who reposed faith in him including me and till then he has to wait for his share of the vote!


  14. Y P

    AK (and AAP) is hated because it uses anti-corruption as a strategy for political mileage. Gadkari most-likely is corrupt but he is probably way down the list, behind Sonia, Vadra, Sharad Pawar, Lalu, A Raja, Mulayam, Mayawati etc etc…..why does AAP reserve their loudest voice for him and BJP then? Voters are not fools okay and I am glad they put AAP and AK in his due place.


  15. AK should have been in preFreedom era, he asks for ‘complete swaraj’ but kind of personality he has formed is result of complete swaraj, we are free already, we just need people who can prosper country, not a man who keeps yelling at everyone, keeps blaming everyone and when time comes runs away from responsibilities blaming again for voters for not giving complete majority, LOL, thank god he resigned so sooner, tomorrow he would have asked people of india to give him Lokpal then only he will be CM, this guy is nonsense at its limits, he is the first and hope should be last leader, who keeps on asking people for what to do, what a joke!! how can someone become leader or get elected without even knowing what people want from him, if he needs to go into people again and again this means that this guy know nothing about the people who elected him, pity on him,
    this guy is really AAM AADMI, nothing wrong with being AAM, but its wrong if you continue being AAM for entire your life, its wrong having no own vision or opinions on anything, if you will keep depending on people to decide anything, why have you became leader, A computer program can do this thing of collecting opinions and decide what people want, you are not required then, I don’t see any individual quality in this maniac other than blaming others and keep on crying, he should rise above AAM logic, you have to rise above
    AAM to help AAM.


  16. Mark

    The people you describe as “pedestrian unappreciative masses” are aam aadmi AK claims to represent and are the ones who had voted for him.


  17. I considered AAP and Team Kejriwal a non corrupt and they would bring wind of change in indian politica. But after hey left Delhi government he left local people in middle. He made hundreds of promises and for one promise he forgot remaining 99 promises he did.My trust on Kejriwal started shaking. In their debut LS polls they went for 400 seats and wanted to win all. Are they serious or joking with people.Then one by one people started questioning AK’s startegies and decisions. Now AK goes to Jail coz he want to prrove to Delhiites ht he same andolankari Kejriwal. AAP is directionless ,senseless,with AK in jail..Eventually Shazia,Capt Gopinath left and I am sure many more will leave AAP in days to come. So many of my AAP supporter friends feels cheated and you still want to give this man one more change. No way.They proved their validity is just 49 days and not 5 years. So why tak risk, And I am not understanding why Indian outside India are so concerned about politics here and fighting on social media. If you are so much hurt by Modi and his party come to India and then talk. You cannot clean anything remotly. You need to cone out of your comfort zone and work on field. Not running away from our country on name of better education and lifestyle.


    • You’ve got his intentions all mixed up. Like I said before, you see only what you want to see.

      Till last week, nobody liked Shazia Imli and Capt. Gopinath coz they were AAP leaders. Now, since, they’ve left everyone loves them and trusts their judgement coz it suits the argument against AAP. Its all a matter of convenience.

      Also, I’m not hurt by Modi. Read my other post about it. I’m just hopeful that AAP can learn and rise again. Its a very shallow notion to think that being pro-AAP means being Anti-BJP.

      I don’t intend to come and clean anything. I don’t think most of us in India have done anything more than swear at AK and vote for Modi. That essentially makes my contribution from outside India same as those of most people in the country. Its not fair to question my love for India, my reason for leaving and my right to an opinion and expression, irrespective of where I am or where I come from.


      • Nishant Jain

        What you are trying to achieve from this article and then the comments when even after so many compelling facts and arguments you are not ready to see the light..
        This is the problem when you want to see everything with closed eyes..
        No one here has supported or appreciated Shazia Ilmi and Capt. Gopinath..
        The only comment I can see is that someone saying what Shazia Ilmi saying about the jail politics is not right..
        There is a difference between accepting a statement as right statement and appreciating a person.. you need to be unbiased and have to be free from unconscious biasness and extremism..

        Yes AAPians are exhibiting the extremists behavior now where they are not able to differentiate between right and wrong.. Extremism where what their leader is saying and doing is always right.. Very sad that AAPians are suffering from this who are from very well to do and literate background..
        Arvind said that people are made fool by Modi and that’s how they achieved landslide victory and all the AAPians started following this.. He said 90% of Indian population is corrupt and all the AAPians follow..

        Extremism is that only I or we are right, rest all are wrong..
        Sorry to say, that AAP is behaving like the Indian form of taliban.. No respect for Judiciary(“I am in jail because I have raised voice against corruption”), no respect for democracy and fellow countrymen(“90% Indians are either fool or corrupt”), no respect for media which is considered as the fourth pillar of democracy (“Media is all corrupt, sabko jail mein daal dena chahiye”), No respect for women (“Somnath Bharti attacking the women along with a mob in the middle of night claiming they are prostitutes”, the same thing Taliban use to do in Afghanistan), No respect for administration(“denying to pay toll tax while entered in Gujurat”), No respect for constitution and the laws, process and procedures set by it (“trying to pass the Jan lok pal bill without sharing the copy of it with governor and fellow MLAs”)..

        Are these not Talibani acts ?????
        How AAP is different from Bajrang dal then if they suddenly grab some women and put allegations that they are prostitutes. . And to enlighten everyone who are reading this those women/girls found to be the students of African nationality of Delhi university who were just partying and enjoying the night life of Delhi that too with their fellow classmates..


      • Neither Shazia nor Gopinath were appreciated. When people like Binny left party at earlier stage, it never made much difference, AAP moved on but point for mentioning Shazia and Capt Gopinath here is when senior member of the party leaves it, then things are definitely not going well, something’s wrong within the party. AAP looks faltering because of lack of direction. There’s sense of division in ideology in people of AAP. AK makes allegation without any evidences and gets jailed in defamation case. He goes to jail at will by not filing a bail bond as its against his ethics. On the other hand, another senior member of his party Yogendra Yadav deposited bail bond after being jailed. FYI, Arvind Kejriwal has finally decided to pay bail bond now. I am not surprised by this sudden change in ethic as AK has quite a reputation for making u-turns. Why should we give someone a chance to lead country who could not even hold his party members together.


    • Nishant Jain

      I completely agree with you except for one thing that why people outside India are concerned about politics In india..

      Well, I have been outside India for 2 years and believe me I always missed it there..
      I celebrated those Indian festivals too there which I had never known or celebrated while in India.. I use to read all the news about India just to feel connected with motherland.. and made and discussed my opinions too with my other Indian friends which I rarely use to do while in India..
      It’s just like you miss and remember your parents, family and friends when you are away from them..
      It’s like you miss your college days and college friends a lot when you are out of the college after graduation…


  18. Reblogged this on Lives Some Live and commented:
    Don’t read this if you are sold on the dream – ‘Aache din aayenge’! or if you have voted criminals to parliament who have won your heart with some fast-talking while smiling their way to the bank (not to mention with your money and implicit permission!). It takes a discerning audience to understand what AAP stands for, not for those who take things at face value…


    • Nishant Jain

      Better you read the comment by “giri”.. and try to understand what AAP has done and what they are doing..
      May be you are new to understand administration and politics but it’s never late to get on the right and enlightened path unless you have sold yourself to the AK’s prank of anti – corruption. .

      Believe me.. It’s not the system.. It’s the people responsible for corruption..
      It’s easy to blame the person next to you but when you are in their shoes think on how many times you have ran away from your responsibility and not doing your job properly which you are expected to do..

      Corruption is not only about taking bribes or giving bribes.. it is also not doing your job assigned to you just because either you have some other dream and this is not what you wanted to do or you are lazy don’t feel like doing it today and postpone it to later..

      With this official definition of corruption, Aravind Kejriwal also is a very corrupt man.. probably the biggest one because he never completed a single task in his life which he has chosen for himself..

      If you read in Wikipedia, he wanted to be a doctor but at the last moment he diverted to Mechanical Engineering after a big fight with his parents..
      After graduation he became an associate Engineer in Tata steels but it doesn’t suited him and he prepared for UPSC and IRS exams and cleared IRS.. became IRS dep Commissioner but again left and became social activists.. opened NGO, joined Anna’s movement and then left him too, formed a political party.. became CM of Delhi, again left the post and went to fought for Lok Sabha elections..
      Took U – turns multiple times.. wanted to portray himself as another Gandhi but continuously betraying his own set principles for himself..

      I would say he is a totally confused man and need some consultation from psychological perspective..

      Now how can we handover our future in the hands of such a man who is so distracted and doesn’t even know what he wants..

      If he really wanted to do something and clean the system, there was ample of opportunities in the IRS department as that was one area which was completely screwed when he was there.. but there was no chance of hogging any limelight there and so he left it as it is..


  19. giri

    I am not a AAP hater but believe they have and specifically Arvind kejriwal have taken the Indian democracy and its people to be some–kind of fools who dont know what they are doing. india is today suffering due to weak leadership and implementation….not because system is inherently bad.AAP at different times mocked at certain checks and balances put in the constitution ( which have been weakened not because the system is weak but just that the leadership was weak to implement the systems).

    His whole attitude was negative…..It was simple…the whole world is wrong and Arvind Kejriwal is right…..All politicians are corrupt and only Arvind Kejriwal is Honest……indian democracy has seen some corrupt politicians but it has also seen a huge number of very honest upright politicians and beaureaucrats whose efforts has helped the country reach where it is. So painting everybody in one single color was wrong.

    His daily durbar to press reading out names and name calling required that he had some basis in his namecalling. India is a free country and every citizen has his fundamental right to defend himself. He name-called Nitin Gadakari and Nitin Gadakari conviniently sued Arvind and others who called him corrupt. This was not a ideological battle. Arvind was not fighting in independence movement. Nobody mistreated him. Law took its own course. All charges against Nitin Gadakari were dropped by authorized institutions in the country. Nitin gadakari may not be as smart as Arvind or have credentials like Arvind but he is not corrupt and has not been charged for any corruption charges. So the law of land sent notice to all people who were sued by Gadakari. Some apologized and some paid bail amount. What does Mr Arvind Kejriwal do ? He tried to make it a ideological battle to get TRPs…..when he should be concentrating on developing his party. Shazia Ilmi was correct in her opinion.

    Then there is the question of his Delhi govt exercise…First he said he will not partner with anyone…he went and formed govt with Congress…..He then goes on populistic measures spree without at any point determining how the income for govt would come. At no point he had any iota of policy to determine how he would improve Delhi….his only agenda ….we will remove corruption……then he goes and waives of bills and fines of people who dint pay electricity bill(putting a question mark in the minds of people who like good citizens paid bills in time)…..then the mother of all events….defends an unconstitutional method of vigilante exercise of his minister to arrest women in middle of night without proper documents….at no time realizing what the consequence of this could be…( Imagine a situation where a women could be just held and put in jail if a group of people say they believe the lady is a prostitute and that too middle of the night….and then imagine if that city is Delhi)….he then goes on dharna to ultimately agree on getting the police a paid holiday ( the constable were suspended but were to receive pay….this was a face saver provided by congress to AAP)… and finally the Lokpal…..every party said they are ready to support Lokpal…..but they wanted discussion….anything wrong in that? No. But Messrs Arvind would not have it….first he doesnt share the document for discussion… the bill constitutionally invalid because of certain provisions in it.. hence governor had no option but to say it is invalid….then without any proper discussions and adamantly saying nothing doing ….my or highway…..not hearing any point of dissent….tries to pass the bill and it is promptly defeated….and he quits with an eye on Lok sabha elections to fight against Messr Modi….thinking all the hype given to him is actual mood of people.

    He has namecalled almost everyone from Amabani to adani to Tata to birla just to get TRP without any basis.He has had no policy on what he plans to do if he gets power. he has no economic policy or foreign policy….only policy was to grab TRP to get power and somehow actually take space in Indian Polity being left open by declining left parties. I am sorry to say Arvind has led himself to this and he deserves no sympathy for all the bashing he is receiving for he showed hope to people and when they gave him a chance he just blew it on their face and pursued his own personal interest and now that he failed he is trying to comeback to Delhi and try to reclaim the opportunity.


    • Nishant Jain

      Excellent sir.. very well drafted and very clearly explained.. but alas the thick head AAPians will still not get it.. I bet..


    • Totally agree with you. Specially about his plans on taking India forward after coming to Center (foreign, economy, resources etc). Heard him during his campaign but these fundamental issues were totally missing.


  20. alok

    look ppl all i wanna say is that kejriwal was as clean as it gets before resigning CM post ,but at this point of time he proved to us that to him a higher post is more important than service,also the image he got as a social activist was more due to anna,he was hardly few months old in this arena.second mistake was his random unjudgemental approach in selecting party members as if he was in a hurry.the kind of ppl you choose decides the party you put forth and obviously the work the third most important point is his lack of political experience.tell me why should we select a person who has little job experience than the other one who is also honest ,dedicated to his work ,has no family and far more political exposure (i mean by modi).another major point is the childish behaviour,bcz ppl see your maturity in terms of handling a situation.combining all this i am sure ppl of india didn’t commit a mistake by bringing bjp to power,even after accepting your resignation a so called mistake.tell me one thing how will we know what motives do you is like making a success story,may be you have been successful everywhere in one attempt so superstitious you become that you wanted to be a pm in one go as well,the dismal side being your adamant natue of going against law and Kejriwal here is an honest advice from a common man if you want to serve the ppl there are other ways also besides politics or just honesty will work in politics but if you are there to make money you deserve a better job as per your qualification ,but if you take politics for money ,believe me you will never live a happy life .


  21. Looks like the author of this article is quite bias and has an inclination of taking the obvious indicators as positive signs.. When he seemed right, everyone praised him, but when he appears wrong then what is the harm in saying so.. also we are a democracy, so opinion of the masses does matters.. I myself voted for him in Delhi, and have repeated asked him questions on twitter and other mediums, I saw him answering silly questions and just skipping mine.. I wonder why ??


  22. You would know something’s going wrong when one of the founding members of the party leave it. Shazia Ilmi followed by Gopinath. One of the prominent figure in AAP and close to AK, Shazia Ilmi told that there was no democracy within the party when they talk about it in public. For AK, its very easy to call anyone corrupt or prepare a list of corrupt people (even I know excel and can make fancy lists). But does he have any ground? He claimed to have proofs against Sheila and persuaded people to vote for him. He was successful in his stint during Assembly elections but what happened then. Sheila roamed freely and despite having lost her CM chair became a Governor. He tried to bring Robert Vadra’s name before Assembly’s elections but soon after forming Government with Congress support (though he swore on his children for not taking it, but CM chair looked too fancy to deny I believe) he never cried against him. All of sudden his ‘against corruption’ movement turned into ‘against BJP’. Whatever wrong and worse happened or to be happened was because of BJP then. We wonder how he never raised his honest voice against Congress. Let alone other parties, he even ignored allegations against his own party members simply by saying ‘we have done our investigation and research. Everything is fine’. Would we ever know the base on which they discharged all allegations. There was lot he could have done for Delhi as CM instead of Dharna. He often talk about Congress funding (mostly before assembly elections) and BJP (mostly now) but how would he justify funding he received from foreign. There are speculations (almost certain) for AAP receiving funds from Ford foundation. If we talk about the recent Gadkari defamation case, AK called him corrupt (I am sure he would have some ground and evidence) but where were those evidences when he was presented before court. If he did not have any documents supporting his ‘Chants’ or allegation then he was rightly sent to Jail and a lesson to be learnt. Anarchist and vigilante style would not bring democracy in Delhi or India, one would have to stay abide laws and take people forward. If he’s not like any other politician then he should learn and restart.


  23. Sreekumar

    I am with AK on two things. First making the government in Delhi. Then resigning when he understood that the outside Congress support id not going to help him do anything that he wanted to do for the people (as promised during campaigns). But for the general elections, he and the party should have taken a better stand by concentrating in Delhi and/or other metros and big cities.
    Today people are not criticizing him for not furnishing a bond. It is because he is questioning the judiciary. On his demands to grand a bail on the basis of an undertaking that he will present himself for all court hearings. Even the judges had to use harsh words against him for playing such drama. Just the way he has the right to (not) furnish the bond, the court has the right (not) provide a bail. As the writer himself mentioned, there are so many other great leaders who went to jail in similar manner, but none of the was politicized for gains in upcoming elections. These are the incidents that made the social media go against him.
    Also remember that a good share of success for him earlier, indirectly came from the social media.


    • Raj Bedi

      Sir, Making the govt in Delhi was ok! But Resigning was a drama enacted specifically! They did not give Congress time of 3 days to understand the Lokpal Bill Correctly and ensure that its contents match with those of the Central Lokpal bill which is mandatory for some clauses! Why? Simply put Kejriwal had ensured a deal with the Congress to grab as many seats as possible in Lok Sabha so that BJP would not come to power!
      He talks about ANTI COPPURTION being his main plank! Then he should have actually gone and fought against Sonia Gandhi!
      He is a great manipulator as he cleverly sidelined Kumar Vishawas and sent him to Amethi where he after 4 months of hardwork without any funds polled 24000 odd votes whereas Smriti Irani in just 1 month managed to get 3 lakh votes!

      Kejriwal with all due respect to his integrity which I have not found anyone challenging is not able to rise above his own ambitions and lust for power!


      • Sreekumar

        Thanks for the comment. If AK and AAP didn’t create a govt, some will complain (including me), he is running away from responsibility. If they keeps running the govt, but can’t achieve any of his promises, again the complaint will be that they are just clinging to power and not doing anything. It was known from the beginning that the outside support of corrupt congress is not going to help in any way.
        So for me, he took responsibility, made a govt, tried to achieve his first agenda of Lokpal, failed and resigned. Did he rush in to such a decision? Maybe yes. Or maybe he should have dissolved the assembly immediately, instead of waiting for general elections and then trying to form one more govt and kept his credibility. No strategy can fulfill everyone’s wishes.
        But the plan to resign and campaign extensively for Lok Sabha elections (without resigning is out of question as more accusations of not performing and aiming big is going to come) and then coming back to form another govt was definitely a bad move.
        I still feel, even after resigning, if they had dissolved the Delhi assembly and concentrated on fewer constituencies the result would have been completely different.


  24. Thank U, for your bold writing.

    I am an editor and journalist and know what it is to write for AAP and against RSS/BJP/Modi or against the Congress/Gandhi family. The pro-Modi attackers are well-organised fanatics, giving U an idea of the brain-washed intolerance that is their characteristic.

    Keep up the sarcasm and the good work.

    Just ensure that U are reading from diverse sources. Since U are in Chicago, U need to be well-read in order to know what is happening in India.

    U may want to read my latest post “Dark days ahead” on my blog “Against the Tide” at

    Peace and love,
    – Joseph Melville Pinto, Pune, India.


    • Nishant Jain

      May God save us and India from your kinds of journalists and editors..
      I read you blog and it is full of hatred.. and totally biased.. what you are now doing.. Being Secular..??????

      Why you want to remind everyone about the emergency rule of Indira, anti Sikh riots, Babri demolition, Gujurat riots, etc..

      You are the people who spread hatred and anger and when it blasts then starts crying foul..

      You are among those sadists who see only these things in India and are not capable of seeing anything good anywhere..
      Not a surprise if you must be an AAP supporter..


  25. Ajay

    I read the blog and many of the earlier comments – with surprise. Surprised that we still miss the point by a wide margin.
    AK needs to find way to make himself and AAP relevant again after having thrown away the Delhi. government and getting massively battered at LokSabha polls. Leadership doesn’t come easy. Not when you have let down millions who rooted for you. And millions disgusted with how corruption messed with their lives. And a full state . Not to talk of Delhi autorickshaw walahs!
    The “going to jail” antics by refusing to pay a 10k bond as required by law was another absurd blunder. It would not have made a hero of him nor galvanized his party nor would the street protest by AAP supporters be received well. People will not believe it as a – “Hero’s effort to change outdated law of bond submission requirements ” as Prashant Bhusan tried to tell us!
    All this was plain common sense and one hoped he would have learnt his lessons that Gimmicks and antics do not pay. Not when your credibility is lost. When you are on a trust deficit. When you are the subject of SMSs that choke social media. When you start seeing your welwishers as opponents. When your founding team members start leaving in disgust. So AAP and AK supporters shd look at AK and AAP report card objectively before even asking for votes. Let’s see. . .
    A good man. Of course.
    Ill advised. Most certainly so.
    Unable to introspect and change course ? Totally so.
    Maturity? – seems missing.
    Quick learner – not at all.
    Has a Good team – totally not.
    Administrative and governance skills – none whatsoever.
    Manipulative? – appears so, but no one is sure.
    Power hungry, ambitious – looks like a yes but then that’s not a bad thing.
    National or state Vision creation -appears low or nil or negative he appears to have nothing to offer other than rhetoric on corruption and janlokpal.
    Clarity on Contentious issues (Khaps, Kashmir, Art 370, terror, Naxals etc) not known.
    Personal integrity – appears high – but increasingly is being questioned by his own close ex- colleagues.
    A good man – of course !
    So for a nation looking excitedly at the lightening scorching speed being set by Modi’s govt., what’s the bid deal about AK today and why does AAP deserve another chance at Delhi. For AAPs sake or fr Delhis sake ?
    And can some tell me what is the surety that AAp will deliver and govern this time fr full term ? and they will have the maturity to build and leverage good state – center relationships from the Modi he bitterly fought in Varanasi? And will AAP give up their confrontational activists’ approach to issues ? These are big IFs. So why will the people not get a huge BJP in Delhi and get DELHI leverage on BJP at center momentum and start moving on fast track?


  26. Raj Bedi

    Hate! He is being criticized fr Running away from Responsibility due to his simple Lust for power in Parliament! The LokPal bill was not even presented in the Assembly but he took it as an excuse to resign. Then put up Lok Sabha Candidates in more than 420 places but diverted all resources to Varanasi so he could be the Giant Killer again. He just wanted to ensure that his face and name are all over the national media. He does not care about anybody else! Will AAP give out details on how much the party spent on each candidate in each constituency? They will say they did not get any donations! A major amount was spent in Varanasi just over Caps! Kejrwal tries to fool all the people all the time!

    Again refused to furnish a personal bond in court and actually went about telling people that he would not pay any money whereas he had to sign a bond which stated that in case of non appearance again, he would HAVE to pay! So it is LYING to the people all the time!

    The ideology of AAP itself is to be an ANARCHIST to bring about change! If laws are to be changed just because AAP thinks so, then why not file a PIL in the Supreme Court! No they just want to it SENSATIONAL to grab Media Time! This is AAP!

    The reason for Hatred or correctly put Disenchantment with Kejriwal and AAP is that they have still not learnt their lessons in quickly changing political scenarios!


  27. Divya

    I don’t know what to believe anymore. With the big bang of AK, it felt like things were going to be different, especially for Delhi. I guess a lot of high hopes were riding on one man and his fall has not just been his failure but also ours. There are hatred articles all over the place. Where at one end the common man felt his prayers were finally answered, at the other end media and opposition were waiting like hungry dogs for his slip. We cannot say he made a mistake by resigning as the CM of Delhi, he did a blunder! If not for his party, he could have held on to the chair for a bit longer, fought harder instead of making a fool out of himself and us.
    I am just another commoner, what do I know. But Kejiriwal will definitely have to work harder and prove himself again to me before I can change my mind.


  28. Sndp

    The sad part isn’t Kejriwal not furnishing the bond, the sad part isn’t the ability to prove corruption charges against Gadkari – the saddest part is our countrymen not able to grasp the stance of an honest person – at least someone who wants to try and lead through honesty. We have become so dishonest at heart that everything Kejriwal does is seen as tactics and publicity stunts. We still have no problems paying a bribe to the cops, driving on the wrong side of the road, spitting on the streets, making fake medical bills during tax time but the moment someone does a ‘fully honest’ thing (it’s an ideology that we won’t understand very easily), it’s a tactic. We are ok with one party doing nothing while thousands of innocents were killed, we are ok with another party looting the nation and making it hollow from the inside, we are ok with a third of the election candidates having criminal cases and background (not just petty thefts but murder, rape and extortion) but we just aren’t ok with someone standing to his guns and doing what he believes in simply because it’s new to us. Kejriwal or Anna Hazare can’t change our county, only the people can. But, not the people who find brutual honesty an alien concept. I am sad for my country, really sad.


    • Sreekumar

      A bond is just a guarantee given to the court. Signing it doesn’t make him dis-honest in any way.
      Now Kejriwal has a criminal (defamation) case against him. Tomorrow someone else might accuse him of murder or rape as well. Such cases might take years in courts for a judgement. Does that mean he shouldn’t stand for elections any more? Same is the case with some other polititians as well. Like anything else there are others who misuse these chances. But not all of them. People just go by the allegations of opposition and media and call them corrupt.


  29. Bhavya Kataria

    He is a good man i agree..
    But the oppositions against him by his own party members suggests that he is one man army and one man can not govern properly…
    He is a good man with very good intentions..
    But he is way too inexperienced to govern…


  30. Pranav

    Dear Mr Authot…
    I won’t get into writing long descriptions about what he did, what he could have done and what he should have done…. I think most of that has already been talked about above…
    NOT filling the Rs 10000 bond is OK…Defending himself in the court is OK…
    But when people hoard around Tihar jail and protest against his arrest….and create a ruckus and cause inconvenience to others in the form of traffic jams and what not… That is wrong…
    When police tries to get rid of those people….some AAP-tards (sorry I am also using this term this one time) click pictures and post on FB with captions JARNAIL SINGH BEING PUSHED AROUND BY THE POLICE….HIS TURBAN ALSO CAME APART….AAP SUPPORTERS BEING TREATED BADLY BY THE POLICE……. Then that is CHEAP PUBLICITY.
    If someone does not furnish his bail…HE GETS ARRESTED…..N when he is taken to the jail, NO ONE should protest against it…. Those who do are IDIOTS…
    Yours Sincerely,
    Someone who lives close to Tihar Jail


    • Mr. Pranav, you seemed to have used the term AAPtard and are sorry about it. Just read about this 10-question test to separate AAPians from AAPtards so that we can be clear in future…


  31. rahul

    Dear Pranav,
    You should be born before independance. And you should be saying the same when people used to protest for the independance and when Gandhiji, Bhagat Singh and other activists were trying hard to free India. When they went to Jail and the whole country was protesting.
    You have problem with traffic and clicking pictures. What about the Cogress and BJP doing the advertisement all over. To watch a video on Youtube you have to see the video of their plans. FM stations, all channels shows their future planning and better India plans. In every road banners and pictures. Believe me I am not a big supporter of AAP but ya mistakes are made by people but if intensions are not right then that is called planned corruption.


  32. Archit

    After reading some comments from BJP fans i start thinking… Was Indian politics so clean before AK and he has made it dirty………. Dont get trapped in paid media either social or tv stories……


  33. Once upon a time, I paid Rs. 10 and became the primary member of AAP. Once upon a time for the first time I walked more than three kms, to witness the swearing in ceremony of a CM (doesn’t matter if no one before AK, invited the public). The prelude: The party won 28 seats, was in no position to form the government but then it accepted the offer. May I ask why? This bugger made us believe in his gimmick that he didn’t ask for the support, Congress gave it to him/AAP! Oh…really, how come? How can you receive something which you don’t want to accept? Did he forget that he won the mandate because people voted against Congress and by taking their support he was nullifying the trust bestowed upon him by the people of Delhi. Why didn’t he agree to sit in opposition or called in for re-election? Didn’t he trust the voters? had he done that his party would have won more than 50 seats. But I assume he was unsure of it. This man failed the trust of the most common educated citizens of the country who just because of him came out and voted him to power and he betrayed them. His acts also ensured that in future whenever a young man/woman tries to come out in political/public life, people would laugh with comments like – see a new Kejriwal has born! Bloody bugger.


  34. krishna

    We Indians are comfortable with hundreds of thousands of corrupt/possibly criminal leaders from panchayats to central ministry, but we just can’t accept an erring honest man with principles, in the field of politics, making headlines..
    A bizzare logic : staying in power in Delhi would have made him a ”true leader”.
    Sure, whether it be politics, business, a job, acting, painting.. the thought process of an average middle class indian goes like “if not to ambitiously go up the ladder kicking and kissing as***s and succeed/earn, why is anybody even in the field??”
    Indian politics is so full of sh** that anything/anybody promising is viewed with the utmost skepticism and even laughed at, for the fear of rekindling unwanted hopes and rebellion in the minds of the most intelligent people on earth, capable of actually waking up from the decades of forced hypnotic slumber..from the clutches of the hero – worshipping and family politics, from the meaningless religious obligations, from this circus we call governance today. We need a good long break.


  35. All Aap fans, need to realize that if a person is saying that he will pull off a miracle then he is either fooling you or he is a wizard.

    Problem with most of us is that we love to believe that some miracle will happen especially in case of politician.

    I respect Kejriwal for to things 1. He is a IITian and 2 he has sold the dream of corruption free lndia wonderfully well.

    The only reason he resigned was that he had sold this dream so well that he found himself struck I his own maze.

    I sincerely hope that we the people understand that no single man can change the system. It is us who need to change before we expect system to change. Those who wrote that we don’t want to improve our way of living, need to understand that system will change the day you stop waiting for a Modi or an Ak to change it.

    Giving another chance to AK depends on him. If he is able to come up with more constructive agenda he might win the heart of common man again.

    But please remember reason communism didn’t work was because its basic principle was based on a myth that the head of the govt would be an ideal leader.

    So stop believing in fairy tales and ask relevant questions to ur self first and then govt.


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