Maria Sharapova and the Unknown God of Cricket


Tennis Ace (and Russian Beauty) Maria Sharapova in a recent interview said that she had never heard of Sachin Tendulkar.The Internazionali BNL d'Italia 2012 - Day Nine

Sachin Tendulkar is India’s Cricket God and a global Ambassador for the sport. He’s broken almost every batting record in the cricket books and his career record is safe with him for at least the next 25 years. He was recently invited to the Royal Box as a Special Guest at Wimbledon.

The flat admittance from the former Wimbledon Champion has caused some sort of uproar in India coz apparently not knowing who Sachin Tendulkar is amounts to disrespect and insult of a man who is not only worshiped in India, but also held in the highest regard in the c10518648_796261810404542_3821327645841886991_nricket-loving nations.

And then begin the comparisons… Sachin has 4.4m followers on Twitter. Sharapova has 1.1m… She even has 7 million less likes than Sachin on her Facebook page. (Awww 😦 ) 😐 … Loads of angry Facebook statuses and tweets accusing her of being arrogant and ignorant of the greatest cricketer of all time (which he undoubtedly is) and jibes of her popularity being less than Sachin’s. (Who is Maria Sharapova???) 

This particular image on the left aimed at showing how Sachin touched the ground with his hands to show respect to the pitch that gave him everything he has in life as compared to Sharapova who put the feet 10488049_599306550182783_5274747190593100345_non the net of the tennis court. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult for people to get that different people and countries have different cultures and touching feet amounts to no disrespect whatsoever in most cultures, but it does in India. What a juvenile and uncalled for attempt to malign her impression on the Indian audience!!

Dear India and specifically you cricket-frenzied maniacs (and I speak directly to those multitudes of people who took offense at what she said, and not those who just had a sporting laugh at it),

I don’t have anything against you or Sachin. But I just wanna tell you to chill out and SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! Maria Sharapova is a World No. 5 Tennis player from Russia. Here’s why that’s where the argument ends.

  • Russia got recognized as a cricket nation by the ICC in 2012. They know as much about cricket as most of you guys are pretending to know about Football on Social Media during this World Cup which, frankly, is quite embarrassing.
  • Sharapova has been playing Tennis since she was 2 years old. Tennis has been her world ever since. Forget knowing, I don’t even think she’s concerned about Sachin and his records.
  • Lastly, she just said she doesn’t know who he is. She didn’t mean any disrespect to Sachin, cricket, India or your religion. Grow up!

downloadSuch serious reactions do nothing but project an irrational and hooligan image of our country and its people. Like Russia, countries like USA, Mexico, Portugal, Philippines, Brazil, France, Italy and many more don’t follow cricket. They have their own passions, own heroes and we aren’t criminals for not knowing them. I’m sure they don’t care that you don’t know who Eusebio, Honus Wagner, Luis Figo, Romario or Reggie White are. All these people are Legends of their own leagues and it’s perfectly OK for you to not know (or care) who they are.

It’s right and important to stand by Sachin and all famous Indians who have done us proud. Yes, we worship Sachin for his contribution to World Cricket. Most of us feel blessed and honored to have lived in a generation that watched him Grace the cricket field and every young imagesbatsman at any level of cricket in the world aspires to emulate him and will be lucky to achieve half of what he has…

But let’s not slate everyone who doesn’t know him or think of him as fondly as we do. There are plenty more out there like that. It’s the same hate-mentality and myopic outlook which does no good to anyone anywhere. It just causes so many more serious issues and problems.

Learn to accept people and appreciate them for what they know, what they are and what they’ve achieved. Coz the World is full of beautiful people. You just need to open your eyes and see it.


14 thoughts on “Maria Sharapova and the Unknown God of Cricket

  1. SachiFan

    Ohh common. Russia is not a thrid world country as u seem to be portraying it.. And Sharapova was not hidden in some village or cutoff area of Russia.. she is an international Tennis player which obv took her places.. Such a comment is obv a disgraceful goes against the Spirit of any game..


  2. hey u think ur so great on as to just tell fuck up to all the ppl who adore this Great simple man ,,, and the rage shown is a part to make her understand and even you to ever ever ,, ever ever ever forget who is Sachin….

    let your F word taught by your grown ups be wid you and your fellow assholes ….

    Glory Glory to Sachin …. SAchinnnnnnnnnnnnn Sachinnnnnnnnnnnnnn


      • hungoutodry

        This is mob mentality right here: just because the majority of Indians glorify and worship Sachin, our friend here does too and is quite vocal about how anyone who doesn’t can go and fornicate themselves. Such a wonderful culture we’re culturing here.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Ameya

    Why are you defending her? Is she paying you? She doesn’t care about cricket. She won’t care about what reaction get comment caused in India. She won’t care that you defended her. Stop writing about shitty topics. Blog about world cup rather than this.
    Make observations and notes that would really matter albeit regarding the topics concerned with your blog.


    • If you have an opinion of your own, write your own blog… That’s the whole point of blogging.

      And I didn’t ask (or pay) you to read my blog, you prick!! If you don’t like what you see here, don’t read it.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Arpan

    Really like this article. Very well put.

    On a lighter note, you should may be follow up this post with an apology post to all the disparaging dudes – I am sorry I tried to speak sense into you! 😉


  5. I feel proud to have lived in the times when Sachin used to play, I feel proud to have lived in the times when Sharapova used to play, I feel proud to have lived in the times where I could see Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Zidane, Cr7 and Messi has played… My point is that these kinds of thing should be taken with sportsman spirit and that thing lacks a lot in our country.


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