About Me – The Selfie Page


Well, not exactly a Selfie… This is a shadow on a rock by the lake. 🙂

Hey Everyone!

This is Puns N Roses, and yes, the name was derived from Guns N’ Roses.

I’m an Indian living in Chicago. I personify the Indian IT guy stereotype pretty well.

Sarcasm is my second language and Grammar Nazism my hobby. My interests include food, sport, music, technology and any general topics that come to my mind. My favorite sport is football and I support Manchester United.

I’ll use this blog to write down the exhibits and thoughts that I experience and try to put them together as a fun, yet, substantial read for everyone!

So, don’t forget to hit that follow button. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.


20 thoughts on “About Me – The Selfie Page

  1. This is just awesome. I couldn’t have said it (the whole article) better in any other words. Thank you for writing this.
    I am talking about the post on “Lets hate Kejriwal”.


  2. Sushant Grover

    I feel Like am I so dumb or so intellect when i try to support Arving kejriwal in front of approx every one these days ( Including my dad and my wife )…. There Is a Big amount of people who are ready to blame him ( Abuse him )approx for everything, weather its a power cut or some random water problem or some time air pollution (LOL). I don’t Know, Either i think i m not intelligent enough to understand them or they do have every knowledge of politics just by saying Kachra Saaf hua, Bhagoda, and things like that for which i dont have any ans as per there IQ. Thank you for writing Lets hate Arvind kejriwal. Beautifully Written. Really its a relief when I see someone is actually seeing the real picture
    ( Not just the news Channels )


  3. Nimisha

    I like the way you express your thoughts, infact I love it. The differents words you use are awesome. May I know your name. Please. Are you on Facebook?


  4. abcde.


    I just read your article on Arvind Kejriwal. You just listed down the mistakes or (idiotic decisions) that AK made during the last few months. After all the reasoning, you are still supporting him. Why? Governance is not a simple game and you hardly get seccond chances. Although I dont hate AK, I think he ought to understand and play the game better than the BJP.

    P.S: you write well.


  5. Indywrites

    Read a little bit of your work, simply loved your effortless writing style. Also I enjoyed the Mother’s Day post. Well expressed and I was almost feeling like a fly on the wall at your home:)


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