The Grim Reaper’s Last Laugh – Adieu David Moyes [Rant Alert]


And he’s gone… David Moyes sacked from his responsibilities as the manager of Manchester United earlier today following a media boom of a scale that can only be attributed to a genuine leak from inside the club. The sacking raises many debates on United’s well documented heritage. For casual haters, it gives them an opportunity to debunk so many things said about United… Non-sacking club, ruthless crazy owners, proud and fake supporters.

The division in United fans started within a month of the new season. A nightmare of a transfer window and few poor results, and we already had fake fans asking for his ouster. Their number grew consistently throughout the season, with some crazy idiot stalking him in every game dressed as a grim reaper out to kill him. We had some lunatics spend 800 quid on an airplane flown over Old Trafford calling for his ouster. Disgraceful. ThankfullImagey, the Old Trafford faithful cursed it away and backed Moyes to the hilt.

So if the majority of United supporters in Manchester (who, in all fairness, are the true home bred well-wishers of our beloved club) had no issues supporting Moyes, giving him time and were happy that he was getting a mammoth cash allowance on transfer this summer, why did he have to be sacked?? Just two weeks ago, United played the best game of their season at Munich and fought the Bavarian and European champions like the United of old.

For starters, the sacking was disgraceful! Its not the United way to just let go of people in a flash of a day. Dishonorable. Disrespectful. Disgraceful. Secondly, he was hand-picked by Sir Alex. He was brought in to replace the greater football manager to have ever been born, and was adjudged incapable in just 10 months and with just 2 new players from Sir Alex’s championship winning side.

Let’s get this straight: NOBODY CAN REPLACE SIR ALEX! Moyes was brought in with a 6 year contract to create and build his own team, make his own mistakes and keep United at the perch of global club football.

Moreover, this was hardly a decision of United’s board. Say what you want, the truth is this was a business decision. The Glazers had done well so far in not interfering with United’s management. But, since we weImagent public on NYSE, the MUFC shares have been fluctuating, and even more so with every defeat and win in Moyes’ inconsistently poor debut season. Moyes’ sacking was made official in the wee hours of Tuesday Morning in the US, and the MUFC stock opened with a boom. The Glazers can now offer to sell our beloved club at an elevated market price, and will not give a fuck about it ever again.

After that we might as well sell our Stadium naming rights for some quick cash and the commercialization of Manchester United Football Club will be complete.

David Moyes is a good manager. He has shown grit, guts, integrity and spurs of caliber in handling the most difficult managerial job on the planet. He made mistakes, no doubt, but the Glazers should have shown him the faith that most of the United supporters did, along with opposition managers and Sir Alex himself.

My apologies to David Moyes on behalf of the United family. You have been mistreated, misjudged and misled to believe that you could have a long term plan for the most celebrated club in world football. You have been thoroughly let down by our players. You didn’t miss the penalties. You didn’t stand like a zombie in defense. Plus you must admit blame for not instilling life and spirit into the players on a more consistent basis. It was something in which Sir Alex was a master. That would’ve made a huge difference. Nevertheless, thank you for having the guts to take on the job and giving it your best. Thank you for showing faith in Rooney, bringing in Mata and unleashing the raw talent of Januzaj to the world. I wish you all the best in your future jobs.

For United, we welcome our very own Ryan Giggs for the rest of the season. Turbulent times… But I vow to stand by my club.

We are Manchester United. We’ve been written off time and again over decades and we’ve come back and triumphed in the grandest levels of football… Each and every time. This will be no different. It may take a year or two. But, Manchester United will rise again.

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